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EMPLOYER Responsibilities when Collecting W4’s

Employees don’t always take the task of filling out their W-4 forms
seriously. They may write “exempt” on the withholding portion of the form, or ew4ven claim a false high number of withholding allowances to ensure that no federal or state tax is ……


Lifting the Veil on the Law’s Employer Reporting Forms

The IRS has lifted the veil on the forms that employers with at least stateform50 full-time employees or the equivalent will need to supply for plan years that begin in 2015. The purpose of the forms, mandated by Section 6056 of the Internal Revenue Code, is….


FSAs Help Control Employees Health Costs

Flexible spending accounts not only provide benefits to your employees, they also offer advantages to your business.

The two main corporate benefits of flexible spending accounts, or FSAs, are:……


 Ensure Full Compliance on I-9 Forms

Unless you haven’t hired anyone since November 6,1986, you should knowi9 about the federal I-9 form. Yet, one labor attorney recalls hearing clients sometimes say…….


Selling on the Internet? Watch What You Disclinternetose

The World Wide Web has brought a proliferation of advertising space  that’s showing quantum growth. But the federal rules governing Internet advertising aren’t always crystal clear…..



Important Tax Figures for 2015


Every year, the dollar amounts allowed for various federal tax benefits are subject to

change based on inflation adjustments and legislation. Here are some important tax figures for 2015…….


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