About Us

Overtime Payroll Services has been been providing professional, secure, reliable payroll services throughout the greater Chicagoland area for over 25 years.

rjp Richard J. Podgorski opened an accounting practice in 1968, providing financial statement and income tax preparation to small business owners in the south suburbs of Chicago and Northwest Indiana. Over 45 years later, Podgorski & Associates is still thriving, and continues to provide accounting services to owner-operated businesses in the same geographic area.

In the early days of the practice, when a client needed help with payroll, there was no such thing as laptops or personal computers. Payroll services were provided to clients when the client actually gave us possession of their payroll checkbook, and they would call in the employees’ hours at the end of the pay period. We would calculaoldday001te payroll deductions by looking at IRS provided withholding tax guides. We would physically write the checks, and then present them to the business owner for signature and distribution.

In the 1980’s, many of our clients were writing their own checks, and we would post the payroll checks to the clients’ general ledger, after the fact, and then we would manually prepare payroll tax returns each quarter. As technology improved, the accounting oldpc001related software we employed began to make the preparation of payroll tax returns a bit easier, but we still estimated the payroll taxes the clients should be depositing once a month, and filled out the old paper coupons for them, and advised them when to send them to their banks.

About 20 years ago, our clients were continuing to grow, and needed more time to actually spend running their businesses. There are many demands placed on the small business owner – meeting with customers, monitoringoverw002 inventory, advertising, paying bills, collecting receivables – the list goes on and on. With all the different hats that must be worn, the small business owner couldn’t afford to spend time writing payroll checks or performing other routine but time consuming tasks.

Podgorski & Associates launched a payroll service, designed specifically for our existing clients. This was considered new at the time for accounting firms. Many of our clients elected to have us begin processing their payroll. Their response was strong enough that we decided to create Overtime Payroll Service, a division of Richard J. Podgorski & Associates, and market the payroll as a stand alone service to the business community.

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  • weekly / bi-weekly payroll
  • direct deposit
  • monthly/quarterly tax reporting
  • annual W2-1099 detail
  • on-boarding / W4 / FEIN-State ID / more..