For over 20 years  providing payroll solutions and services to small businesses throughout the greater Chicagoland Area!


Our philosophy at Overtime Payroll Service is to make payroll processing as easy for you as possible. You choose the method of transmittal – a phone call, fax, or email. We’ll supply you with an easy to read data entry worksheet to help you submit your employees’ hours. You’ll work with one of our professional payroll administrators – you won’t get a different person on the line each time you communicate with us. We won’t overload you with a myriad of reports when one or two will get the job done. We’re flexible – we’ll work with you to your satisfaction to get your company’s checks processed and delivered when you need them. You choose the method of delivery – mail, UPS, pickup, or for the most convenient and safe method, choose to utilize our delivery service, run by our employees.

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Quite simply, we don’t have the extensive overhead expenses of the major payroll service bureaus, therefore, your checks cost less with Overtime Payroll Service. With our inexpensive payroll fee schedule, you receive:

  1. DATA ENTRY WORKSHEET – to be used to transmit your employees’ hours to us for the next pay period.
  2. COVER LETTER – an Overtime Payroll Service client favorite – for those of you on the go- and who isn’t – this top sheet is the first report you’ll see when you open your payroll. It will tell you at a quick glance the net payroll and tax remittance you need to deduct from your checkbook. If you don’t have time for anything else, this is your report.
  3. PAYCHECKS – with full-size check stubs denoting your employees’ income, taxes withheld, and other deductions.
  4. CHECK REGISTER – a brief summary of the numerical checks we generated for you each pay period, the check number used, and the net amount of the check.
  5. PAYROLL JOURNAL – this is your hard copy of the payroll, with detailed check information by employee, each payroll. Whatever is on the employees’ check stubs will be on this report.

At Overtime Payroll Services we treat EVERY client no matter the size as they are the most important important client our firm has. If customer service is important to you and real people to talk to on the telephone, then Overtime Payroll Services is the obvious choice.

 There is no charge or no obligation to receive a customized quote detailing how Overtime Payroll Services will design program tailored made for your special needs.
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