Other Services


Accounting / Bookeeping

Podgorski & Associates was founded by providing monthly financial statements to our customers, and after 45 years, this remains a core service. We service owner-operated businesses not large enough to employ their own accounting departments. We become your accounting department. Clients routinely drop off their source documents, including bank statements, check registers/stubs, sales journals, cash receipts, and any other pertinent records. We compile all the information and generate a monthly set of financial statements, including profit and loss statements, as well as a balance sheet. Clients receive a bank reconciliation report, advising them of any errors made in keeping their check register. This provides our clients the information they need to make decisions for their business.


Tax Returns / Preparation

Sales/use – Many of our clients are in the retail industry, and are required to collect sales taxes at the register from their customers. Remitting those taxes you’ve collected is required, usually on a monthly or quarterly basis. We will prepare your sales/use tax return for you, and assist you with the tax remittance process, as most state governments now prefer an electronic submission and payment of this tax return.

Business – Whether you’re organized as a corporation, partnership, sole proprietorship, or an LLC, you’ll have to remit a year-end tax return, summarizing the results of the past 12 months, and determining whether you owe any taxes. We’ll utilize those monthly financial statements we’ve been preparing throughout the year, and seamlessly roll those into your year end business tax return.

Personal – We’re here for your personal income tax return preparation as well. Gather up those W-2’s and all your deductions, and we’ll prepare your form 1040 for you. Returning clients receive a tax organizer in early January every year to assist you in gathering all your information. We’ll be sure to get you every deduction to which you’re entitled, and provide you with the advice you’ll need. Electronic filing and direct deposit of your refunds are provided as well.


The countdown has already ended!

Tax Planning – This is perhaps the most overlooked function a good accounting firm can provide its clients, and it is another reason we stress to our business clients the importance of monthly financial statements. If your business is performing well and generating profits, then you need a good plan to minimize the taxes you’ll have to pay on those profits. We’ll put our tax expertise to work and help you to implement a plan designed to eliminate tax surprises at year-end.